We are based in Preston, Lancashire but we cover the whole of mainland UK, England, Scotland and Wales and with enough notice we can get anywhere. We cover up to 60 miles in the initial cost, any travel over that would be costed @45p per mile.

For distances that require an overnight stay we can arrange the most affordable accommodation to suit.

Yes, on multi camera streams we have a portable 3 axis gimbal camera linked to our network. This allows us to capture Bridal arrivals and multi shots live from around the venue during the ceremony.

We set up as much as possible in advance, but normally around 10 minutes if it is a simple 1 camera stream. On multi camera streams we would require access to the venue 1.5hrs prior to the ceremony time.

Live Streaming can very occasionally have its hurdles due to connectivity and it depends on the exact location in the UK. We use a coverage checker so we know what we’re going into before we get there and in the very unlikely event that the connection speed isn’t quite fast enough to give an excellent stream we always record what we capture anyway and will immediately upload the HD video as soon as the event has finished.

All depends on which package you choose.

Simple stream offers 1 camera direct to your personal page, with service stream offing 4 cameras giving a more broadcast production feel.

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The quality of the video and audio is exceptional and likely to be better quality then any fixed camera the venue or church will have. The camera is controlled to offer the best view and can be moved during the stream if needed, we stream in HD which is the maximum quality you can stream with current technology.

A 50% deposit is required with all bookings and the balance to be paid 1 month prior to the date.